Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Safe Place

East of the Pass 24" x 30" acrylic Dianna Shyne
Looking for Light 24" x 18" acrylic
In my childhood games of chase, there was always "Home Base", a place where you were safe and no one could get you.

Right now, my home and studio feels like "base". A safe place in a uncertain time.

This summer, my wonderful husband of three years, Michael Gotz, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting the bone marrow and blood.  Suddenly, our wonderful, blissful life of making art and music  has changed.  Stress and uncertainties loom.  Battles with the insurance provider are ramping up over what services they will and will not provide.

Michael is great.  He keeps writing music and going to gigs.  He is constantly cracking me up with his jokes, and caring for his wild birds out the window. He will play his guitar until he drops.

Walk in the Wild 16" x 20"
Mother of the Field 24" x 30"
One Small Gift 20" x 16"
 As I look over the work I've done in the last few months, I can see the arc of feeling and's almost like a personal journal...The protective mother under a scorching sun, the uncertain watcher looking for hope, a bend in the river, a creator of small gifts, a blissful cat on a crooked porch.

Painting has always been the way I find joy, work through problems, work off excess energy, cope with stress, express my emotions... deal with uncertainty.  I think I'll get off the computer and go paint.

Porch Cat 16" x 20"

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